Tech Help Sessions

One-On-One Sessions

  • 1 Hour
    • Tuesdays @ 10 am
    • Thursdays @ 10 am
  • Book a session here.

Drop-In Sessions

  • Limited to 15 Minutes
    • Tuesdays @ 2 pm
    • Wednesdays @ 2 pm
    • Saturdays @ 2 pm

Tech Help Policy

Taken from the Information Services Policy

  • Staff provide general assistance to patrons using the library’s computers and printer service. Patrons using the library’s computers are expected to understand computer basics such as using a mouse and navigating the internet.
  • Patrons needing more in depth technology help may make an appointment for one- on-one technology assistance for up to one hour. Patrons can bring their own device or can utilize the library’s public computers. In order to insure that this tech help is equitably available to all patrons, we ask that no more than two appointments per month be made.
  • Drop-in-tech help is available to assist with less complex computer issues that require 15 -20 minutes of help. The sessions may be limited in time depending on the number of people needing help. Please check library’s website for drop in tech help day and time.
  • Troubleshooting computer hardware problems, running virus scans, installing software, etc. are beyond the scope of the library’s tech help. The library reserves the right to determine whether a patron’s request for tech help is beyond the scope of service.


Computer classes on a variety of topics are available. See what upcoming classes are available in the Calendar of Events.

Wilmington Podcast

Bridging the Digital Divide is a podcast the library does in partnership with WCTV.

Digital Divide ImageThe Digital Divide is defined as

the economic, educational, and social inequalities between those who have computers and online access and those who do not

This podcast is aimed to bridge that gap. Click here to listen to the latest episode and get more info.

Tech Tips

Computer Buying Guides

If you’re in the market for a new computer, the Consumer Reports Buying Guides for desktop, laptops, and tablets are  great resources.

We’ve also put together a checklist of things to look at that you can print out and take with you. You can find that, here.

Adding a Recovery Number

If you forget an password there’s no way to recover it. So it’s important to associate your cell phone (not a landline) with your account. Here are instructions to help.

  • Cyber Seniors– Founded in 2015 by the creators of the award-winning documentary film CYBER-SENIORS, this non-profit organization provides senior citizens with tech-training using an intergenerational, volunteer model. Young people are provided with lessons and learning activities to train them to act as digital mentors and senior citizens gain access to effective technology training and intergenerational communities that keep them socially connected and engaged.
  • Digital Learn- Every structure has a ground floor. Digital Learn is the ground floor for the structure that is learning about computers. Introductory topics like, search, web site navigation, and email can be found here.
  • Goodwill’s Learn for Free- If you want to learn about computer basics, like mouse & keyboard tutorials or such popular applications as Facebook this is the site for you. It also has job search help in the form of cover letter/resume writing tips and interviewing skills. You can even learn everyday skill like how to check your receipt on this free and easy resource.
  • Grow with Google believes that technology has the power to unlock new opportunities for growth. When those opportunities are available to everyone, communities across the country can achieve their full potential.


Niche Academy Logo
The words, in yellow, "Senior Tech Group" above the words "Getting comfortable with the basics" both on a background of a moutainous landscape.
  • Senior Tech Group While it’s created by folks in Pennsylvania, their mission makes them helpful to all: “To help those folks with little or no knowledge of computers enter into the information age, so they are not “shutout” as our society transitions from traditional ways of communicating and doing business.”
  • Techboomers-This site has tutorials for Facebook, Netflix,, etc. You can create an ID and track your progress along different classes
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