Every thing has a late fee of $1 per day with a $3 max.


Amazon Alexa (aka Echo)21 day loan. Holdable.

Bird Watching Kit

American Robin

21 day loan. Holdable.

Board Games


7 day loan.  No Holds.

Crochet Kit

Person Crocheting blue, green, and white yarn with a wooden hook

21 day loan. Holdable.

Energy Audit Kit

Kill-a-Watt Energy Audit unit with case and pamphlet21 day loan. Holdable

Food Dehydrator

Food dehydrator with lid open showing fruit21 day loan. Holdable

Hand Lettering Kit

Uncapped black pen on a blank white background21 day loan. Holdable

Hot Spots

T-Mobile HotSpot

14 Day Loan. No Holds.

Kindle Fires

Kindle Fire

21 day loan. Holdable

Knitting Kit

Hands shown knitting something pink21 day loan. Holdable.

Lawn Games


7 day loan. No Holds.


Fellowes laminator Saturn3i 12521 Day Loan.  Holdable.

Meditation KitWoman meditating on a Dock

21 Day Loan.  Holdable.

Mini Video Projector

Apeman mini video projector21 Day Loan.  Holdable

Nikon Digital Camera

Nikon D3100 Camera

21 Day Loan. Holdable.


Readers Paradise Puzzle's Cover

21 Day Loan. Holdable.


Roku 4 with remote21 Day Loan. Holdable.


Orion Blast Telescope

7 Day Loan. 1 Is Holdable.

How to Video


Green and white 4 person tent21 Day Loan. Holdable

Travel Kits


21 day loan. Holdable.