1st Grade Honorable Mention Avery Falanga, Super Swimming

1st Grade Honorable Mention John Binelli, Adventure in the Woods

1st Grade Winner Emerico Picardi, Chasing Funny Squirrels

2nd Grade Honorable MentionElle McShane, A Butterfly & A Bear

2nd Grade Honorable MentionLuke DiGiovanni, Diving Deep

2nd Grade WinnerKristopher Valeras, My Adventure

4th Grade Honorable MentionIzabella Robinson, Outside

4th Grade Honorable MentionKeegan Thomas, Climb So High

4th Grade WinnerAlice Ferreira, Adventure

5th Grade WinnerEmily Falk, Just a Dream?

Middle School Honorable MentionCole Falk, The Dark Sea

Middle School Honorable MentionRiley Maibor, A Thousand Nights

Middle School WinnerEmily Hall, A Wild World

High School Honorable MentionMadeline Kruger, The Adventure of Life

High School Honorable MentionKelli Schuler, Vacation of a Lifetime

High School WinnerKatherine Hao, Real Adventures

Adult Honorable MentionBonnie Fay, The End of an Era Always Comes Too Soon

Adult Honorable MentionHarley Monteiro, Slowdance With Me on the Moon

Adult WinnerRuthie Baker, The Trifecta

Congratulations to all our fantastic poets for their submissions and hard work!

And a very special thank you to our judges:

Terry McDermott, Friends of the Wilmington Memorial Library

Dan Hall, Wilmington Memorial Library Trustees

Danielle Masterson, Wilmington Memorial Library’s Head of Youth Services

A note from Terry McDermott:

“I was honored to be asked to be one of the judges for this year’s Wilmington Memorial Library poetry contest.
The topic of this year’s contest was “Adventure.” Poets of all ages submitted poems that spoke to their experience or impression of adventure – and they were all truly amazing!  The grade school compositions radiated the enthusiasm and sincerity of their authors; the poems of the older students and adults were evocative of so many different emotions: thought provoking, humorous, heartbreaking. Reading all these poems was a true privilege and selecting winners a very difficult task. While it is the nature of a contest that there must be “winners,” none of the submitted poems are “losers!” They are all wonderful, and they all excel in their own way. I hope everyone who loves poetry (and maybe even those who don’t!) takes some time to look at this year’s poetry collection. The winning poems are stunning and deserve your serious attention – but the rest of the submissions are quite special, too, and poetry fans won’t be disappointed to see what Wilmington poets are creating!”
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