Kindergarten and 1st Grade Winner

Grades K to 1 Winner- Out in The Forest

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Honorable Mention

Grades K to 1 Honorable Mention- Nature

2nd Grade and 3rd Grade Winner

Grades 2 to 3 Winner- The Wind Blows

2nd Grade and 3rd Grade Honorable Mention

Grades 2 to 3 Honorable Mention- Flowery Forest

4th Grade and 5th Grade Winner

Grades 4 to 5 Winner- Mother Nature and Mother Earth

4th Grade and 5th Grade Honorable Mention

Grades 4 to 5 Honorable Mention- The Rise of Spring

Middle School Winner (all other poems tied for 2nd)

Middle School Winner- Hidden Wonders

High School Winner

High School Winner- An Art Not to Be Captured

High School Honorable Mention

High School Honorable Mention- Waterville

Adult Winner

Adult Winner- Wild Crafted Rose

Adult Honorable Mention

Adult Honorable Mention- High Altitude
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