* Note: This will also prevent you from receiving calls/texts.

Health Considerations

We talked about how too much phone use has been linked to memory issues. It could be a result of either “I don’t need to remember that I can just Google it!” or following the myth of mulitasking, doing more than one thing at once gets you in the habit of not deep reading or critical thinking. But don’t take our, entirely unqualified, words for it. Read more:

There’s also a very real issue called Social Media Envy, that makes you feel bad that all your friends are living perfect lives…even though they’re most certainly not. Read more here:

Other Stuff  We Said

Infinite scroll is that neat trick where the page loads more content as you get to the end without you having to tap next or something. Asa Raskin deeply regrets it:

Lisa’s entrepreneurial dreams are dashed, seat belt cellphone holders are a thing: 

Alexa can, indeed, respond to you without a wake word. Amazon touts this as a more natural conversational exchange. Privacy experts tout this as a bad idea:

Finally, you can Facetime with more than 1 person, 32 persons in fact:

Food for Thought

The typical cell phone use touches their phone 2617 times a day.


It’s worth noting that Doctor Jacob Groshek from BU calls this stat into question:

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