IBM Sterling

Here’s where to read more about what Joe’s Department handles. One note, though, he handles B2B stuff, which as he mentioned, stand for Business two Business. But I wanted to include it here as well. When you or I buy stuff from IBM, that’s B2C, Business to Consumer.


WeChat is China’s answer to Facebook, but it does so much more than Facebook. But with Facebook trying to get their virtual currency, Libra, off the ground, Facebook seems to be moving the WeChat direction.

Relay for Life

It was mentioned that Joe is involved with The Relay for Life. In case you don’t know, it’s is a walk to raise money for cancer research.

Food for Thought

Before credit cards had a magnetic strip, retailers had to call the credit card companies to make sure the person using the card was authorized to use the card. This took quite a bit of time. But thanks to IBM, we now have that mag strip to speed things up.

Read more nifty facts about IBM here:


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