Memes and Gifs

Warning! The examples in most of these articles are for a more mature audience.


Essentially, ideas are living thing that change and grow over time. Here’s an example. Here’s Boromir from The Lord of the Rings movie and his reaction to the plan:

It grows into an thought that can show the feelings of so many library patrons:

Boromir meme for a library

Often memes are gifs. But below are a series of links concerning the details.

All these texts are communicated from person to person, passed down over generations and across cultures. Yeh-Shen is Rhodopis is Chinye is Ashpet is Cinderella is Ella Enchanted



The use of a Gif has changed a bit over time. Below is an article on that evolution:


Again,  there are plenty of generators and this time you DO need one.…0…1.1.64.psy-ab..3.7.1066…0.0.2OmnxocP-vw


Steve Wilhite created the Graphics Interchange Format, or GIF, while working for Compuserve in 1987 and in 2013 he said it’s jif not gif.

But the controversy lives on. As evidenced by this article in NY Daily News in 2017

Food for Thought

Or rather Phrase for Thought, Web 2.0 is the term that defines the era of user generated content on The Internet. Memes, gifs, blogs, social media only because possible when the process for adding content to the web became more simple.

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