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Ted Talks, documentaries, and more. Some are long, some are short, all are worth a watch for one reason or another.

All My Babies

This is a training film about midwifery which transcends the form. It was selected by the Library of Congress for placement on the National Film Registry in 2002 as “a culturally, historically and artistically significant work Available to watch on the Library’s Kanopy subscription, just click the link above.



Kerry Washington and Wendell Pierce star in this riveting film about the explosive 1991 Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination hearings. Available on the library’s FireStick Max subscription.

Feminist Frequency

Feminist Frequency is an ongoing series of video commentaries exploring gender representations, myths, and messages in popular culture media. Created and hosted by Anita Sarkeesian.. Available on YouTube by clicking the link above.

Girls Can’t Surf

It’s the 1980s and the world of professional surfing is a circus of fluoro colours, peroxide hair and radical male egos. The film follows the journey of a band of renegade surfers who took on the male-dominated professional surfing world to achieve equality and change the sport forever. Featuring surfing greats Jodie Cooper, Frieda Zamba, Pauline Menczer, Lisa Andersen, Pam Burridge, Wendy Botha, Layne Beachley and more. A wild ride of clashing personalities, sexism, adventure and heartbreak, with each woman fighting against the odds to make their dreams of competing a reality. Available on DVD, click the link above to place a hold

Brittany Packnett Cunningham Ted Talk Thumbnail

How to Build Your Confidence and Spark It in Others

“Confidence is the necessary spark before everything that follows,” says educator and activist Brittany Packnett Cunningham. In an inspiring talk, she shares three ways to crack the code of confidence — and her dream for a world where revolutionary confidence helps turn our most ambitious dreams into reality. Available to watch on Ted.com by clicking the link above.

Hidden Figures

The story of three brilliant African-American women at NASA who serve as the brains behind one of the greatest operations in history. Available on the library’s FireStick Disney+ subscription.

Iman Esmail Choreography

In Iman’s words, her channel exists to “spread light and love through dance,” as it is a creative outlet medium that transcends language, culture, religion, geography or race. Iman often incorporates various dance styles fused with traditional Indian Classical and Bollywood movement to inspire and share stories. (Source) Available on YouTube by clicking the link above.

Queen of Katwe

In this celebration of the human spirit, a Ugandan girl’s life changes forever when she discovers she has an amazing talen for chess. Available on the library’s FireStick Disney+ subscription.

Venus and Serena

An unfiltered look into the remarkable lives of the greatest sister-act professional tennis has ever seen. With unprecedented access, the film tells the inspiring story of how these two women, against all odds, but with the help of visionary parents, made it to the top. Available on DVD, click the link above to place a hold.

Tracee Ellis Ross Ted Talk Thumbnail

A Woman’s Fury Holds Lifetimes of Wisdom

The global collection of women’s experiences can no longer be ignored, says actress and activist Tracee Ellis Ross. In a candid, fearless talk, she delivers invitations to a better future to both men and women. Available to watch on Ted.com by clicking the link above.

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