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Below is a list of the pages that will give you more information about the some of the different points of interest in the history of the town of Wilmington

A short history of Wilmington by former town museum curator, Terry McDermott
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A history of the Hiller Family written by Ann Berghaus and edited by Carolyn Harris in 2002
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Brief histories of four famous trees in Wilmington that were put together in celebration of Earth Day 2021
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Town Museum Curator Terry McDermott discussed the life of Wilmington’s most mysterious residents — Mrs. Dr. Henry Hiller — at the Wilmington Memorial Library on October 28, 2019.

The History of Silver Lake slideshow by Town Curator Terry McDermott presented June 17, 2019 and links to books on the lake that have been digitized.

The Friends of the Library and the Wilmington Historical Commission sponsored this event with local athletes talking about their days playing sports in Wilmington over the years. This book captures their stories.

This is the article the Wilmington Town Crier wrote an article about the efforts made by the library to digitize the Town Crier.


WML Local History Playlist

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WCTV Wilmington Remembers Part 2

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