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The Latest Episode- Slack and Dropbox


Slack is basically an app (both smartphone and desktop) to centralize communication (think email, instant messaging, and phone calls).

The Site (to download the app) :

How To:

  • A single workspace for the whole team.
  • Channels for topic-centered discussions.
  • Audio and video calls.
  • File sharing and search.
  • Apps and integrations.

10 Tips:

And, in case you’re wondering about competitors, here’s a list:

Dropbox (Cloud Storage)

  • Dropbox
    • Free = 2 GB > $15/mo = 3 TB (3072 GB)
  • OneDrive (Microsoft)
    • Free = 5 GB > $69.99/mo = 1 TB (1024 GB)
    • Free version comes with hotmail, live, or outlook email address
  • iCloud (Apple)
    • Free = 5 GB > $9.99/mo = 2 TB (2048 GB)
    • iPads/iPhones automatically backup here
    • Free version comes with an Apple ID
  • Google Drive
    • Free = 5 GB > $299.99/mo = 30 TB (30,720 GB)
    • Android phones/tablets automatically backup here
    • Free version comes with a gmail account

Food for Though

The first Instant Message application was the Zephyr Notification Service created in the 1980s by MIT. They still use it today.

Read more about the history of IM’ing:




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