Letterhead HeaderPhotos or videos may be taken in open public areas of the building and on library grounds with restrictions that provide for the safety of the staff and public and continuous library operations.  Given that the library is a public space, it is important to note that individuals who choose to use public spaces relinquish a measure of privacy.

We ask that photographers/videographers observe the following:

  • Refrain from disturbing other library users (examples: tripods, flash photography).
  • Be respectful of personal space.
  • Be respectful of families and children.
  • Do not take photos/video of specific, copyrighted (or otherwise protected) materials for the purpose of redistribution.
  • Do not take photos/video in non-public areas (restrooms or staff only areas) without authorization by library staff.
  • Do not use tripods or lighting without authorization by library staff.

Library staff may stop any photography or video recording that appears to interfere with the library’s ability to conduct business, or that compromises public safety or security.

Members of the media should check in with the library’s administrative staff prior to or upon entering the library to alert staff of the intent to photograph or video inside the library

Please note that Wilmington Memorial Library often engages in photographing and recording programs and events for our own publicity and promotional purposes. Library staff will make every effort to notify members of the public when photography and video recording is taking place, and any patrons who do not want to be photographed or recorded will be respected.

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees 9/22/20


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