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The Wilmington Memorial Library has a display case in the Children’s Room for use by children to display their personal collections. This display case has three shelves – each 27 ½ inches wide and 16 inches deep with adjustable height. The guidelines for use of this display case are as follows:

  • A Kids Display Case Request form must be completed and signed by a parent.
  • Children up to and including age 12 are eligible to display collections.
  • Collections must be deemed suitable for a public library and of interest to children. Determination of suitability rests with the Youth Services Librarian, Library Director and Board of Library Trustees.
  • Display set up and removal dates need to be coordinated with the Youth Services Librarian.
  • Once a child has displayed a collection, the child’s name will be added to the end of the current wait list. Depending on the length of the wait list, children will usually be allowed to use the exhibit case for display once every three months.
  • The library will provide a sign with the child’s name, age and type of collection.
  • Children and/or their parents are expected to set up and take down the display by the specified dates. Collections that are not picked up by the agreed upon date will be removed by library staff.
  • Collections may be photographed and featured on the library’s website and social media.
  • Although the display case is locked, Wilmington Memorial Library is not responsible in the event of damage or theft.

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees 11-21-17
Updated and approved 4-19-22

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