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Per a ruling from the Massachusetts Elections Division that states: “Both the Unites States and Massachusetts Constitution protect the right to solicit signatures on nomination papers and ballot questions in a reasonable and unobtrusive manner in open public spaces,” the Wilmington Memorial Library allows the collection of signatures for nomination papers and ballot questions petitions in a designated  area. The following conditions apply:

  • Solicitation of signatures is allowed outside at the front entrance to the library on Middlesex Avenue. No solicitation is allowed inside the library.
  • Petitioners may collect signatures on the sidewalk and under the portico.
  • No tables or chairs may be set up on library grounds for the purpose of petitioning.
  • Library staff may request identifying information from petitioners.
  • Petitioners may not impede access to the library entrance, harass library patrons or create any disturbance in front of the library.
  • The Wilmington Memorial Library does not endorse any candidate or ballot initiative of the petitioners.
  • Solicitation for any other purpose other than nomination papers and ballot questions is not permitted in the library or on library grounds.

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees September 15, 2015

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