Letterhead HeaderWilmington Memorial Library strives to maintain a welcoming and safe environment so that the library may operate efficiently and so all patrons may freely use and enjoy the public space.  Therefore, the following is not allowed:

  • Engaging in any activity in violation of Federal, State, local or other applicable law or Library Policy.
  • Abusive or Obscene Language or Behavior. Including confrontational and quarrelsome behavior, obscene language and inappropriate gestures or touching.
  • Noncompliance. Disobeying the reasonable directive of a library staff member.
  • Harassment. Including, but not limited to, threatening or annoying another person by verbal or physical contact or by following a person in or about a public place.
  • Boisterous Behavior. Including, but not limited to, running, horseplaying, misusing the restrooms or the elevator, or behaving in any other way that is disrespectful or annoying to library patrons or library staff.
  • Noise. Including, but not limited to, talking or laughing loudly (volume of person or group is heard above the general noise level in the library), using audible devices without headphones or with headphone sets at a volume that disturbs others, cell phone ringing, etc. (MGL, Ch. 272, Sec. 41).
  • Ringing Cell Phones.  Patrons are asked to turn their cell phones to vibrate, especially if sitting at computers or library tables.  Cell phone use in the library is allowed as long as the noise level of the conversation adheres to the noise guidelines.
  • Eating and Drinking. Eating is not permitted except in designated rooms at designated times.  Drinks in covered containers are allowed.
  • Excessive Displays of Affection. Including, but not limited to, any sexual conduct or physical contact deemed inappropriate for a public place.
  • Monopolizing. Patrons may not monopolize library staff time or resources.
  • Soliciting or Canvassing. All canvassing, soliciting, petitioning, and leafleting is banned inside the library facility.  Collection of signatures for elections and ballot initiatives is allowed outside the library.  Please see Collection of Signatures for Nomination Papers and Ballot Questions Policy.
  • Photographing or videotaping. See Photography and Video Policy
  • Loitering.  Congregating in or around entrances or stairways, inside or out; may not wander around library without apparent reason.
  • Wheeled Devices (Skateboards, etc.). Including but not limited to, skateboards, roller-skates, scooters, and wheeled-shoes on library property or grounds. All bicycles must be left outside on the bicycle racks.
  • Improper Attire. Shoes and shirts must be worn in library; attire should not be disruptive to the library environment.
  • Poor Hygiene. A person may be asked to leave the library if his/her personal hygiene interferes with the orderly operation of the library or the ability of patrons to use and enjoy the facility.
  • Unattended Children.  Per the library’s “Policy for the Safety of Children,” children nine and under may not be left unattended in the building.
  • Animals. Animals are prohibited in the library except those needed to assist a disabled person or when they are part of a library program.

Any patron violating the above rules may be asked to leave the library property and be denied access to the library by the Library Director or Director’s designee for a period of time. Repeated violations or violations of an egregious nature may result in termination of library privileges.

Patrons whose privileges have been revoked may have the decision reviewed by the Board of Library Trustees.

Adopted by the Board of Library Trustees October 21, 2008
Revised by the Board of Library Trustees June 16, 2009, June 15, 2010, September 15, 2015

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