Teen Book Review Group

How to Be a Teen Book Reviewer

Choosing Books to Review:
Pretty much anything. You can pick a book out of your own collection or check something out of the library. We also have a box of Review Books here at the library that you could raid, either at meetings if you can make it, or when you pop in you could pick something out then; just ask Brandy to show you where it is.

If you choose something out of the Review collection, those are books that haven't been added to the library yet--and once you review them, they're yours to keep. (If you don't want them, you can donate them back to the library, and if you said it's good we'll add it to the collection.) Brandy will be keeping a record of who takes books from the "official" review pile, but it's just so we have a log of which reviews we need to pass along to the Mass Youth Services Book Review group (see below).

We have a paper form here in the library, if you'd like to write it out by hand, or the form is online at http://wilmlibrary.org/teen-book-review.  It's not a long form at all--a sentence or two in each box is really all we need.

Step Three: PROFIT.
If you need volunteer/community service hours, this is probably the easiest way to get them. Every review you submit will earn 2 community service hours. The review form shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes or so to fill in; the rest covers [some of the] time you've spent reading a book--time you would probably have spent reading a book anyway. After you've submitted your reviews, stop into the library with your volunteer log so Brandy can sign off on it. If you would rather use the paper forms for reviews, Brandy can sign your volunteer log when you drop off the review.

What We'll Use It For:
Your reviews will be used on the yellow shelf cards we have around the Teen Zone (the ones that have a sentence or two about why the book is great--they were pulled from summer book logging) to promote books we have. When used this way, they will be credited only with your first initial and grade. Reviews of books from the Review Collection may also be sent to the Massachusetts Youth Services Book Review (http://ysbookreviews.wordpress.com/), since they're giving us the books we're reviewing. Reviews used here will be credited to your first name, grade, and town.