One-on-one Tech Help

You can book hour long sessions to go over your technology questions. Find more info, and register, here.

Device Drop-Ins

Wednesdays 2 pm – 3 pm

If you need help with your iPad, smartphone, Kindle, or other device, stop by the library and Technology Librarian, Brad McKenna, will be on hand to help answer your questions. These sessions are limited in time depending on the number of people needing help.

Intro to iOS (iPhone and iPad)
Wednesday, December 6, 7 pm

Bring your iPad or iPhone and get some guided, hands-on experience. Such topics as connecting to a new wireless network, what different gestures do, downloading apps, and borrowing e-books will be covered. Taught by Technology Librarian Brad McKenna. Please Register

New Year Computer Cleanup
Wednesday, January 3, 7 pm

New Year, new computer…sort of. Instead of buying a new one, get tips on how to clean up your computer, smartphone, and online presence. Topics will include defragmenting, backups, and passwords. Presented by Technology Librarian Brad McKenna. Please Register

Intro to the Cloud
Wednesday, February 7, 7 pm

Learn about that mysterious Cloud. Technology Librarian, Brad McKenna, will discuss such cloud-based technologies as email, file storage, music/movie streaming, and more. Please Register

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