Teen Zone Updates - 2014

Teen Zone Updates - 2014
Posted by Alison Schwartz on Wed, 01/22/2014 - 11:03am

As I reach my sixth month as your Teen Librarian at Wilmington Memorial Library, I'm proud to say I've made a lot of positive changes to your Teen Zone!

What's new?

- Comfy lime green saucer chairs for you to lounge in while enjoying a book or magazine
- Awesome comic book wall decals, with action words like 'Kaboom' and 'Fwoooosh' that liven up the area
- A special section for 'Series' books - like "Pretty Little Liars" and "Clique"-  makes them much easier to find
- New tables and chairs - perfect for studying or hanging out
- A laptop bar against the wall, which gives you more space to move around

Coming very soon:

- A College and Careers section just for teens!
- Tons more crafts and DIY!
- Boredom-busting activities for Spring Break in April - including a Project Runway competition and Video Game Tournament!
- More Community Service opportunities!
- New books, new board games, and new video games!

I'm looking forward to meeting more Wilmington teens and adding more fun events to keep you coming back to the Teen Zone again and again. Come in sometime soon to say hi!

- Alison (Your Teen Librarian)