Posted by Brad McKenna on Tue, 04/29/2014 - 9:46am

You may have heard of Perhaps you’ve even heard of But have you ever heard of If not, allow us to change that.

So much of today’s job searching is done online and Monster is a giant among sites. Yet, Glassdoor offers one feature that Monster is lacking: company reviews. Taking a page from the social media playbook, Glassdoor allows people to share their thoughts, specifically on their employers. This is an indisputable benefit to job searchers. Doing your homework on the company with which you have an interview is something that is often overlooked. Most interviewees (yours truly included) are a jumble of nerves when interviewing. So it’s often forgotten that not only are you being interviewed by the employer but you’re interviewing the employer as well. And what better way to help you with your interview questions than to get the scoop from someone who has worked there already.

For example, here’s Best Buy’s review page:

Glassdoor has the usual job postings, interview tips, and resume writing help as well. So you’ll find all sorts of goodies when you’re looking for that next job and your friendly neighborhood library is here to help.

If you click the Research and Learning button on the left side of the home page and then click the More Sources by Topic link, you’ll be brought a page of links. Click Business to expand that section and you’ll see the link to Glassdoor.  We hope it will prove a useful site the next time you’re looking for a job.