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  • Posted on 02/17/2012 - 3:15pm

    Our new Spring Events Newsletter has arrived.  Stop by the library to pick up a copy, or check out the online version (PDF).

  • Posted on 02/16/2012 - 3:58pm

    Assistant Adult Services Librarian Jenny Arch recommends that you check out these websites:

    Travel Beyond Vacations


    Hotels & Hostels 
    Hostelling International 
    Hostel Bookers

    Accommodation & Transportation

    Alternative Travel
    Couch Surfing 

  • Posted on 02/16/2012 - 12:00pm

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    Julia Glass is the author of Three Junes (winner of the National Book Award for Fiction in 2002), The Whole World Over, and I See You Everywhere, but she may have surpassed them all with The Widower’s Tale.  Again, she weaves a web of interconnected characters, creates a beautiful and believable setting, and writes with emotional truth about the people she has brought to life – in this case, the Darling family. Seventy-year-old Percy Darling realizes that while you can retire from work, you cannot retire from life, or from your family – in Percy’s case, his workaholic daughter Trudy, his floundering daughter Clover, and his high-achieving and beloved grandson Robert. Through these characters, Glass explores the bonds of family and friendship, and the strength of personal and political beliefs. Fans of fairytale endings, however, might want to skip this one: the ending is sadder and less uplifting that one might expect.

  • Posted on 02/14/2012 - 12:00pm

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    The Professor and the Madman is the story of two men, James Murray and William Minor, who contributed in different ways to the creation of the monumental first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). Murray was a studious Scot who eventually became the editor of the OED; Minor was an American, a former medical surgeon, and – at the time he contributed to the great work – a patient at the Broadmoor Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Simon Winchester speculates sympathetically on the cause of Minor’s paranoia and insanity, but focuses primarily on the story of the OED and the eventual correspondence between “the professor and the madman.” Winchester combines elements of history, mystery, and lexicography (the compiling, writing, and editing of dictionaries) into one book of manageable size. It's a good read, and chances are you'll learn something new!

  • Posted on 02/10/2012 - 9:33am

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    This book was one of my book club reads about three years ago and whenever we talk about a good beach read, this book still bubbles up to the surface as a good example. It is a well written, humorous account of one man’s pursuit of the “iconic symbol of fashion, luxury, and wealth”, the Hermes Birkin handbag.  The author is a Massachusetts native, who on a whim moved to Barcelona, Spain and found himself in need of money.  For quick cash, he decided to sell a Hermes scarf on eBay. That sale sparked the idea that he could sell the much-in-demand Hermes handbags on eBay if he could find a way to buy the coveted items from Hermes stores that tended to only sell to select buyers.  In finding a way to do this, the author takes the reader on a fun romp around the continent enjoying a quest worthy of Don Quixote.


  • Posted on 02/08/2012 - 2:59pm

    The latest issue of Star Mag is ready!  It contains artwork, puzzles, movie and book reviews, and stories all created by kids, ages 8 and up.    Click here  to read the winter issue of Star Mag.  Printed copies are available in the Children's Room. 

     We will be working on the spring issue at our next meeting on March 7 at 3:30 pm.   All kids ages 8 and up are invited to come help.  There will be laptops, markers, crayons, and other materials to inspire creativity.  Kids unable to attend the meetings can drop off original artwork, stories, poems, book recommendations or other contributions  in the Children’s Room, or email to

  • Posted on 02/07/2012 - 11:24am

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    Vaclav and Lena meet when they are five years old. Though they both emigrated from Russia to Brooklyn, their family lives could not be more different. Yet they are best friends, magician and magician’s assistant, until they are nine; then, Lena disappears. Vaclav misses her terribly, and always wonders about her – and then one day, when they are seventeen, they meet again. Vaclav and Lena is about growing up, discovering the truth, and protecting those you love; but most of all, it is a beautiful and deeply felt story about love and friendship, written with wonderful empathy and voice.

  • Posted on 02/07/2012 - 9:40am

     Title ArtistRelease Date
    A Different Kind Of TruthVan Halen2/7/2012
    Kisses On The BottomMcCartney, Paul2/7/2012
    Le Voyage Dans La LuneAir2/7/2012
    Now That's What I Call Music! 41Various2/7/2012
    Scars & StoriesFray (The)2/7/2012
    TEN$IONDie Antwoord2/7/2012
    All of MeEstelle2/28/2012

  • Posted on 02/06/2012 - 2:43pm

    TitleRelease Date
    Elephant In The Living Room2/7/2012
    Downton Abbey: Season 22/7/2012
    The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 12/11/2012
    How To Die In Oregon2/14/2012
    Paranormal Activity 32/14/2012
    Take Shelter2/14/2012
    The Debt2/14/2012
    The Rum Diary2/14/2012
    Tiny Furniture2/14/2012
    Anatomy Of A Murder2/21/2012
    J Edgar2/21/2012
    Martha Marcy May Marlene2/21/2012
    Nurse Jackie: Season Three2/21/2012
    The Story Of Ireland2/21/2012
    The Way2/21/2012
    Tower Heist2/21/2012

  • Posted on 02/04/2012 - 2:53pm

    Massachusetts Resident Tax Forms have arrived!

    We have the following forms:

    • 1040 Instructions and Forms
    • 1040A Instructions and Forms
    • 1040EZ Instructions and Forms
    • Schedules A, B, EIC
    • Massachusetts Resident & Non-Resident Forms

    Don't see what you need?  The library can help you print a variety of federal and state forms.  Stop by the Information Desk on the first floor for assistance.