Letterhead HeaderTeacher cards are offered to teachers, day care providers, and homeschoolers working with Wilmington residents in a planned educational environment.

Teacher Cards allow holders to:

  • Borrow items from the Wilmington Memorial Library for up to six weeks for classroom use, depending on discretion of the librarian.   Only materials owned by the Wilmington Memorial Library are eligible for this extended loan period.
  • Have remote access to the Wilmington Memorial Library’s research databases and online resources.
  • Request materials for classroom use.  The librarian will select these materials and make every effort to provide the scope and amount of materials requested, but may need to limit the amount of materials loaned when library resources are inadequate to serve both school and public users.  At least one week’s advance notice is required.
  • Keep personal borrowing needs separate from the borrowing done for classroom use.

Teacher Card holder requirements and responsibilities:

  • Applicants must present a school ID or other proof of employment.
  • All material borrowed on the teacher card is subject to the borrowing policies established by the Merrimack Valley Library Consortium (MVLC) and Wilmington Memorial Library.
    • A charge of $10 or more will block a teacher card and prevent any additional materials from being borrowed.
    • The teacher assumes financial responsibility for all lost, billed or damaged items
    • Teachers who live out of state may have a Wilmington card use only at no cost or a card with access to all MVLC libraries for a fee of $75.
    • Teacher cards expire on June 30 each year and must be renewed annually.

Adopted 12/2012

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